Derelikt Red is a three-piece band out of Norfolk, VA. While co-founders Andrew Craft (drums) and Dan Pellegrino (guitars/vocals) have played together since they were freshmen in high school, Derelikt Red, as it is now, with Josh "JB" Brown on bass guitar, has been playing together for a little over two years. As you can tell by listening to Derelikt Red, the band is completely dedicated to its songwriting and has a true passion for its live shows.

The band has played throughout the Hampton Roads area, with five appearances at the Norva to its credit and while the band continues to look for more areas, in which to expand, Derelikt Red has covered areas as far north as Delaware and as far south as North Carolina. Following the release of the album Question Your Whole Existence on May 5th, 2007, the band has seen its record carried by five stores in the area and a national campaign underway.

The music is by far the most important thing for each member of the band. With a focus on simple, catchy songs, inspired by everything from early Metallica to U2, Derelikt Red has paved its own path with a highly energetic and intensely personal form of art. The songs are written with an almost minimalist approach, intended to engage the listener head on. While each member uses their individual skill to build their respective pieces to the puzzle, the end is not individual glory, but collective artistic transcendence. One can take this statement as an apparent heir of self-importance, but the essence of the band lies in the vitality of the song, not in any one person or part.

The stage is where everything is put to the test. Since Dan and Andrew have played so long together, they have an almost telepathic connection while performing and with Josh only in the band for three years, his ability to hold down the low end and give each song a strong foundation has been truly amazing. Derelikt Red fully understands that what you give as a band will more often than not; reflect what you get back from your audience. Each member lives and breathes each song and they want everyone from the front of the stage to the back wall to feel that same level of intensity. This aspect of the musical experience has come the most naturally and with that, the band hopes that when someone leaves a Derelikt Red show, they are a better person for it.

The future looks bright for Derelikt Red. After the CD release show, at the Norva, the album has continued to sell well and with a near-constant performance schedule, the band was nominated for a Portfolio Weekly Music Award in 2008.